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Jeanne Marie Coleman

Happy Tuesday, readers!  Tonight we bring you Jeanne Marie Coleman of the Maine Photo Source and The Proud Maine-iac.  It’s no secret from the name that Jeanne’s work reflects the more tangible reasons to be proud to be a Mainer.  After all, you can’t take a picture of what it looks like to survive a five month winter (although this year we did all right!) or what it sounds like to have a county accent.  Still, check out these photographs from the Maine Photo Source website that features all of Jeanne’s work:

Jeanne Marie Coleman

Jeanne Marie Coleman

Jeanne Marie Coleman

In addition to her photography talents, Jeanne has started a graphic design business with products like the packable canvas tote (seen below), novelty pillowcases, game boards and sweetly framed prints of the photographs above and many more.

Jeanne Marie Coleman

Come see Jeanne and all our other talented vendors on Saturday, May 12 from 10am to 4pm at the Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo Street!

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Lampwork Glass and Beaded Jewelry from Timblee (kitty not included!)


Lampwork Disc Necklace

Fire Agate Necklace

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We <3 Anna Low of Purplebean Bindery!  Not only did she help us plaster Big Chill posters all over Deering, but her handmade journals and other bound beauties are just excellent gifts, and probably the most perfect place to put your important ideas and to-do lists that you don’t want to forget.  Here’s a peek!

Irish Spring Notebooks - Priceless!

Scary Face Funhouse Journal

Haiku-For-You Three Pack (closed)

Haiku-For-You Three Pack (interior!)

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Kid’s stuff from Juggling Geese Crafts!

Snuggly Monster Blanket

Cloth Napkins, For Your Style and For the Earth

Plenty of Blankets to keep little ones warm all winter!

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Deer Painting!

Presenting… IDILLARD!  Bringing you original watercolor paintings and brightly splattered light switch plates to brighten up your room — matching Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus switch plates?  I think yes.



These light switch plates are made from original watercolor paintings by Isabelle Dillard (the namesake behind IDILLARD)  We think an excellent present for any animal enthusiast might be one of these fantastic elephant paintings:

Visit The Big Chill on Saturday, December 3rd at the Mayo Street Arts Center to see IDILLARD’s gorgeous work and much, much more!

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Happy Sunday!  It’s a busy day in Big Chillville so we bring to you a quick snapshot of vendor Lori Dennis of Lofted Designs.  Lori couldn’t be with us for the Big Thaw in Spring so we’re super psyched she’ll be selling her silver necklaces, earrings, rings, dog tags and more at The Big Chill on Saturday, December 3rd at the Mayo Street Arts Center.  Without further ado:

Featherweight Hammered Earrings

Kinetic Ring with Rotating Wooden Finding

Peacock & Poppy Resin/Silver Necklace

Personalized Birthstone Necklaces

Veggie Resin/Silver Necklaces


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I’m beside myself!  The December 2011 Big Chill Poster is just gorgeous!  Each one in the edition of 100 (all signed by Meagan Anderson and Kris Johnsen) is a little different, with layers and layers of colors.  Watch that video up there and see just how committed to handmade quality this whole song and dance is.  Also you get to hear The Screaming Females as the soundtrack and now you know just how great they are.  We’re hoping they don’t get stolen from the shops, boutiques and community centers we are putting them up in before the 3rd!  But if they were, we’d totally understand, cause these posters are frame-worthy.

If you’d like to purchase your print the legitimate way (and not taking it from the bathroom at The Blue Spoon, for example) then click on this link here if you’re in Portland (no shipping charge, just local pick up) or here if you’re from away and don’t mind paying the shipping charge.  Each poster is $10 – what a deal – and will be available through the holiday season!

Before ogling our photos below, check out this slideshow of the printing process (featuring the artists holding the prints!)

And now, without further ado, some lovely details for you:

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It’s pretty cold out right now – and dark.  Very dark very early.  It’s a good thing our next vendor spotlight is on My Tattered Whimsies, owned and operated by Andra Johnson, who also happens to make the warmest + cutest ‘glittens’ this side of the North Pole.  (Yes, I know that that covers a lot of ground:  …they’re that good!)

See the happy pin cushion man? That could be you.

We met Andra for the first time as a vendor at The Big Thaw last April, and her selection of crocheted items, handmade jewelry and hair accessories has grown tenfold since then!  We’re loving the crackled, turquoise beads, rustic gingham fabrics and brassy chains she’s included in her work.

Likes: the color red, bobby pins, and anything that reminds me of going on a picnic.

So sweet!!  We asked Andra when she thought winter started, and when a shopper might be in need of some fingerless gloves for cold nights full of knitting, crafting, or just when you need a little extra warmth:

Well, it used to be that the first signs of winter were when the stores started putting out the fake plastic evergreens and bright, sparkly ornaments.  However, that seems to be starting before the tourists start heading home and the beaches are still packed.  So, I would say that winter officially starts in Maine when you have to dig the ice scrapers out of storage because defrosting the car just won’t cut it anymore.

I’ll say!  Although we know Mainers will stay at the beach well through September when they can, we couldn’t agree more about the obnoxious ‘early birding’ the big stores have been indulging in in past years.  That’s why we’re psyched The Chill is happen in December – when it’s officially O-K to think about ice scrapers, sparkly ornaments, the holidays, indulging yourself and your loved ones, and buying local and handmade!

Buy this gorgeous necklace in December!

In addition to My Tattered Whimsies, Andra is also a talented illustrator and painter and has items available from her shop, Andra’s Whimsies, which we will feature in the coming weeks.  Busy busy busy!

Come visit Andra at The Big Chill arts, crafts and vintage sale on Saturday, December 3rd, 10am to 4pm at Mayo Street Arts Center, 10 Mayo Street in Portland, Maine.  Wahoo!

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Homespun Wool from Upton Yarns

One of the really, really big things that got us started putting on The Big Thaw and The Big Chill was the real need for men and ladies of America to recapture handmade, homespun, locally sourced goods.  We’re constantly amazed at the mass production (and mass destruction) of wearables these days!  Yet, for some reason, that sweater my mother made me 10 years ago has had a prominent place in my closet (and a good deal of winter air time on my body).  I might kill a dude if I lost that sweater.  OK, probably not, but I’d cry really hard.  However – that sweater I bought from Target 6 months ago that’s already falling apart?  Yeah whatever, I might use it as a kitchen rag in a pinch.

So!  What’s my point?  My point is at the heart of making apparel and accessories that we need up here in the cold Northeast is yarn!  And even more importantly, yarn made from sheep that live in New England.  Sarah Lake from Upton Yarns will be joining us and selling handspun, hand-dyed wools that were made from sheep at Buckwheat Blossom Farm and other small ‘backyard mini-mills’ (which means more local, more cared for, and more humane!)  Put on some New England pride when you knit a cap made with these gorgeous skeins.

Lovely Red Hue of Coopworth from Upton Yarns

The folks from Upton Yarns had some lovely responses to an informal questionnaire we sent to all the vendors.  So!  I’d like to include these here in lieu of my gushing over how much better handspun wool is.  Just imagine me gushing in addition to reading what we’ve got below.

Green, too! I smell Christmas stockings... and they smell like balsam fir!

 The Big Chill:  What’s the first sign of Winter, in your opinion?

Upton Yarns:  The first lacy skim of ice across the top of puddles, implying that while winter isn’t quite here yet, it will be arriving very shortly.  Alternately, and far less picturesque, the day when we finally have to stop fooling ourselves that our windows have somehow become double paned over the summer, and we really do need to put plastic over them.

TBC:  What items from Upton Yarns will keep customers happy through this dark + endless season?

UY:  Yarn!  Winter is the season when one is meant to hunker down and knit with a few good friends and a cup of one’s favorite warm beverage.

TBC:  What’s your favorite comfort food during those “Oh my Gosh, it’s 7 degrees out, I have to let the faucets drip all night and wear two pairs of socks in bed!!” days?

UY:  Potato leek soup (my husband’s) with fresh baked sour dough bread (mine).  Pots and pots of tea.  Kale (odd, I know, but very tasty).


Kindred spirits!  We’ll have to share our Portugese Kale + Chorizo soup recipe with Sarah when we meet!  And truly, we can’t wait to circle up with our friends and heat up a room with our coffees, teas and busy fingers.

Come meet Sarah of Upton Yarns + buy lots of wool at The Big Chill arts, crafts and vintage sale on Saturday, December 3rd from 10am-4pm at the Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo St. in Portland, ME.  Love!

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1950s Japanese Toy Car with Coffee Logo, $9.95, from {dwinal} on Etsy. Click to view listing!

Rise and shine, shoppers, and smell the (1950s Japanese, car-shaped) coffee!

Today’s vendor spotlight features the careful collection of Jennifer Collins of allsey and {dwinal}.  They’re actually two different things, so today we’re featuring {dwinal} and all it’s vintage glory.

JC’s got an extensive collection of house-shaped purses that are just about the sweetest things you can hope to find at a holiday sale.  I saw a Big Thaw customer walking away with a darling one last April, but no worries – there are still some left!  Here is a Big Chill favorite:

Click to view {dwinal} on Etsy: Wood Farm Purse, $52.

Jennifer knows it’s time to get ready for the Big Chill when there’s a layer of snow covering everything, which I’m personally hoping waits until Christmas Eve or thereabouts… but wouldn’t it be romantic if the snow was falling outside Mayo Street on December 3rd?  Mmm… pretty winter craft fair!

Just so that we’re not ending on a ‘thinking about layers of snow’ note, check out this vintage, tooled leather bag from {dwinal} that could totally be the feature on our next poster:

Tooled Leather Bag from {dwinal}, $95 on Etsy. Click to view listing!

Come meet Jennifer of {dwinal} on Saturday, December 3rd at the Mayo Street Arts Center, 10 Mayo Street, in Portland, Maine.  You won’t be disappointed!

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