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Falling Star Farms Alpacas

What a treat!  Today our vendor spotlight features Sheila McDonough of Falling Star Farm — and her alpacas!!  We are so pleased to have a vendor whose product follows its whole life cycle in her hands.  The raising, loving, shearing of the alpacas all the way to the spinning, crafting and selling of goods.

Falling Star Farms

When we asked Sheila how her mother has influenced her craft, the message was loud and clear:  “My mother is the first weaver I knew!  She is also, for a ‘non-animal person,’ an excellent assistant if I need an extra pair of hands with the alpacas.  She is my #1 fiber picker!”

Falling Star Farm Goods

The experience and talent that run in the family certainly shows in these gorgeous garments.  We’re also looking forward to seeing the felted soaps that Falling Star Farms has recently introduced to their product line.

Falling Star Farm Felted Soap

“[The soaps are made of] soft alpaca fiber felted around scented goat’s milk glycerin soap.  It gently scrubs away even embedded gardening grime.  It has a rich later and is gentle on the skin – perfect for Spring and throughout the year,”  We think this would be the perfect, sunshiney gift for those Mothers who like to tend to the garden – bright, saltwater taffy colors are just what the doctor ordered after a long, somewhat uneventful winter season.  🙂

Falling Star Farm Alpacas

Falling Star Farm Goods

We can’t wait to meet Sheila and paw through her wares – you’ll be there, too, I’m sure:  Saturday, May 12 at Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo Street from 10am to 4pm.  It’s the day before Mother’s Day – don’t forget!


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