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Hoo lordy, lordy.  Server was down tonight so although today’s vendor spotlight was ready to go HOURS ago I had to wait to put it up!  Argh!!  Today we’re featuring Threads of Hope, and guest writer Malaika Picard of Hand-Me-Down-Designs has been so kind as to write it!  Here we go:

We’re so excited about all of our great vendors, each and every one of them an artist in their own medium.  Who knew Maine had such talent?  WE DID!

Wow! Splash of Summery Color from Threads of Hope

Today’s spotlight shines in a little woodsy neighborhood in Waterboro, home of Threads of Hope, started by Donna Hebert.  She and her daughter, Elizabeth, have taken ‘home-spun’ to new levels.

What started as a desire to make modest girls’ and women’s clothing became a labor of love as the Hebert family embarked on the journey of adoption.  Seeking to raise the funds to give two Ethiopian children a loving home, the Hebert women set to work making skirts and dresses for sale with all of the proceeds going to their adoption fund.

Easy, Over-the-Head Clothes for Girls and Young Women by Threads of Hope

Their simple styles, coupled with warm, cheerful prints will get you feeling bright and cheery in no time!  Spring thaw….bring it on!

Did I mention…they have snoods, too!

Snoods! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.

Thanks, Malaika, for such a nice review!  I’m especially excited to get my hands on some of those snoods.  For those of you who don’t know but are terribly curious — snoods are like big, chunky hair nets a la 1950s diner waitress or medieval fairs – style it however you like, I think snoods are the best thing since sliced bread.

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Speechless! I’ve literally never written a check for anything so cool as 100, limited edition, four-color screen prints of a fox, a bunny rabbit and two birds.  All of them signed and numbered, ready to share with the local universe (and beyond!)


so so so so so so nice!

I’ve made an Etsy listing for local people, click here if you’d like to purchase and pick up somewhere on the peninsula (I’m flexible and mobile).

Annnd here is a listing for those who can’t make it to the Portland, Maine peninsula or for those who are insanely busy like me (I hear ya, we’re nuts!) who would like me to ship it to you.  Really fantastic Spring colors, one of these is promised to a frame to hang in the hallway at my place!


look at the fox pop! bright, citrus orange against blues and greens!

The poster, which is printed in four colors on gorgeous, heavy-weight paper, will be for sale at the very reasonable price of $10 the day of the fair.  If you purchase in advance, however, the Etsy listings are 20% off at $8.  Coupon clipping be damned, here is a better way to make some savings!

We’ll be using proceeds from the sales of the posters to printing flyers, making proper sign-age the day of the event, populating Mayo Street with candy dishes full of delicious candy and so much more.

Oh!  Did I mention Emblem Studio was available for custom screen printing work?  Such excellent craftsmanship, we are so, so pleased here at The Big Thaw.


Did you know The BIG THAW is on Facebook?

Well, it is.

Here is the group page:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_121923504545596

Here is the event listing:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=104897699588395&ref=ts


Beginning tomorrow, The BIG THAW website will be shining the spotlight on our vendors so that all you shoppers can start making your wish lists and saving those pennies (quarters, dollars, benjamins) effectively!

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