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16 Counties

Yesterday we featured the lady Marchesi (Michelle) from My Little Anchor.  We now introduce the equally nautically-named Merchants Row from Mark Marchesi, the Mr.!  On a personal note, I got to watch Michelle and Mark for two days last December during Picnic at the Irish Heritage center peddling their wares – the crowd could not get ENOUGH of the Maine counties puzzle!  While the challenge of remembering all 16 sometimes strangely named counties is enough for some, the retro-style text and the two-tone compass rose make this not just an interesting conversation piece but a little piece of art, as well.


By Merchants Row

We’re not going to pretend like we know what this is, but if you head over to the Merchants Row website I’m sure there will be lots of information for you.  OK – so on second thought we’re not that lazy.  As it turns out it’s a handplane meant for bodysurfing which ought to be an excellent summer pastime to try out!  There’s quite a bit of information about the piece over at the Merchants Row website.


Maritime Memory by Merchants Row

The design aesthetic and the types of games Merchants Row specializes in calls to simple pleasures and rainy afternoons spent in a summer cabin.

We could go on and on about Mark and Merchant’s Row – but luckily he has a blog here where he writes about inspirations, experiences and his products.  Hope you’ll give it a peek!  Meanwhile, pictures!  It’s what we do best:


Doryman Puzzle by Merchants Row

Wooden Letters Set

World Map Puzzle


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