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Meagan Anderson

Where does the time go?  Only 10 days now until The BIG THAW and we are excited!  To all those out there in the cyberspace that have been following us, please be sure to tell your friends or… even better!  Take them with you to Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo St. in Portland on Saturday, April 16th.  We just realized that this is the weekend before Easter – so what a great opportunity to fill your baskets with local, springtime treats for the kiddos to find among the new grass and crocuses.  Lovely!

Meagan Anderson

Today we are featuring Meagan Anderson whose name you might recognize from all the chattering I did about her at the beginning of February when she and Kris Johnsen (of Emblem Studio) were designing our incredibly awesome poster.  Well, Meagan does more than cater to my screen printing needs and I thought you might like to see some more of her work!

Meagan Anderson

Animals are a regular theme in Meagan’s art, when asked about this Meagan said:  “I have a strong attraction to the human condition and this leads me to utilize an allegorical animal kingdom to depict and describe this understanding of identity and interaction. I am particulary attracted to drawing carnivores and exploring the savage competition through the roles of prey and predator -in the hopes of a greater understanding of the dualistic nature of human identity as a member of both an organic natural world as well as of the synthetic cultural systems of civilization.”

Meagan Anderson

In addition to the awesome prints you’re seeing here you can be sure to find drawings, collages, cozy knits and sewn items at the table she’ll be sharing with Emblem Studio at The BIG THAW!


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Malaika Picard of Hand Me Down Designs interviewed Shanna Tice of The Makings of Shanna Tice for her vendor spotlight here at The BIG THAW!

I recently had the pleasure of spending the day with Shanna Tice of The Makings of Shanna Tice, and I’m so glad I took the time to make the trip!  It was a day filled with good company, good food, and adorable little girls who also double as models for Shanna’s crochet winter wonder wear.

Shanna has a beautiful array of crochet scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, and cowls, both adult and children’s sizes, but her skill with the crochet hooks extends far beyond cold weather gear.  She also does some amazing work with thread including earrings, headbands, hair clips, and scrapbooking stickers.

When I asked her how she would summarize her work she had this to say about herself:  “I am a mom and an artist.  I love being able to create, and crochet is my current obsession.  It gives me the freedom to be there for my girls and give them the time and attention they need and still satisfy my yearning to make pretty things.”

‘Pretty’ is a word I heard a lot when talking to Shanna about her wares.  “I only make things I would use myself and that I think are pretty.”  Her commitment to these qualities shows up clearly in her work, which makes her items not only fun and functional, but creative and attractive as well.  We can’t wait for her to share her goodies at The BIG THAW!


Audrey of Little Eye Designs here.  I would just like to make a sidenote and thank Shanna publicly for the support, encouragement and enthusiasm she has brought to the table during the early days when The BIG THAW was just a zygote.  The BIG THAW was an organic, coming-together of various artists, crafters and vintage fanatics and Shanna’s role has been indispensable.  Thanks again, Shanna!!  -A.

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