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Countdown:  2 Days to The Big Thaw!  Today our Vendor Spotlight (slideshow!) features allsey and {dwinal} from Jen Collins!  She’ll be there with her unique vintage finds and retooled jewelry at The Big Thaw on Saturday, May 12 from 10am to 4pm at the Mayo Street Arts Center, 10 Mayo St. in Portland!

Tooled leather bag from {dwinal}

wood bracelet from allsey

Salt + Pepper shakers from {dwinal}

Purse from {dwinal}

shark pendant from allsey

earrings from allsey


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1950s Japanese Toy Car with Coffee Logo, $9.95, from {dwinal} on Etsy. Click to view listing!

Rise and shine, shoppers, and smell the (1950s Japanese, car-shaped) coffee!

Today’s vendor spotlight features the careful collection of Jennifer Collins of allsey and {dwinal}.  They’re actually two different things, so today we’re featuring {dwinal} and all it’s vintage glory.

JC’s got an extensive collection of house-shaped purses that are just about the sweetest things you can hope to find at a holiday sale.  I saw a Big Thaw customer walking away with a darling one last April, but no worries – there are still some left!  Here is a Big Chill favorite:

Click to view {dwinal} on Etsy: Wood Farm Purse, $52.

Jennifer knows it’s time to get ready for the Big Chill when there’s a layer of snow covering everything, which I’m personally hoping waits until Christmas Eve or thereabouts… but wouldn’t it be romantic if the snow was falling outside Mayo Street on December 3rd?  Mmm… pretty winter craft fair!

Just so that we’re not ending on a ‘thinking about layers of snow’ note, check out this vintage, tooled leather bag from {dwinal} that could totally be the feature on our next poster:

Tooled Leather Bag from {dwinal}, $95 on Etsy. Click to view listing!

Come meet Jennifer of {dwinal} on Saturday, December 3rd at the Mayo Street Arts Center, 10 Mayo Street, in Portland, Maine.  You won’t be disappointed!

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