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the famous drumming squirrel - get yours!

And now, for a one-woman craftopolis that needs no introduction, Diane Toepfer of Ferdinand!  Letterpress cards, vintage goodies, pins, earrings, shoes, aprons, dresses, sunglasses, plushies, screen printed tees, blah dee blah – you name it, she’s got it in her brick-n-mortar shop at  243 Congress St. in Portland.  You can also find her on Etsy, too, if it’s too cold to go outside this winter.  However you slice it, though, you’ll find something you’ll like.


Here are some things we found that we like:


Roller Derby Rock n Roll!

it's true, you are.


HEY!  The Big Chill is tomorrow!  See you at 10am at 10 Mayo Street, at the Mayo Street Arts Center.  Did you know you can drink a beer while you shop for goodies?  It’s true.

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