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Today’s installment of photo albumhood features Anna from Purplebean Bindery and Jen from Quench Metalworks.  These two were neighbors in ‘the island’ and such a pleasure to meet and talk with!  The best thing about putting a bunch of creative people in a room together?  New relationships, collaborations, and cohorts.  Love it.

Caught them off guard!

Anna and Jennifer are two amazingly enterprising women.  They both have a clear vision for the products they want to create, execute the presentation of them flawlessly, and captivate their customers with their quality craftsmanship and warm personalities.  Not to mention that good jewelry and a journal are two things every woman needs.

Anna and her totally effective set up

Anna will probably think I’m a weirdo for posting a picture of her squinting like that – but I just had to show you her clever, lightweight set up.  All her books are displayed cleanly and cohesively and are easy to pick up and fall in love with – totally key for bringing in good craft show sales.

Purplebean Books

What to say – I just love books.  And totally psyched to see Anna has a ‘recycle bin.’  I’ve been thinking about doing the same for my bottle caps that ‘just don’t come out right.’  They’re still totally neat and usable but just not the same as the others.  A theme I’ve seen across the board in the handmade culture is a real effort to reduce waste.

Totally Edible (ok, not) Rings from Quench Metalworks

Ahh, sorry for the screwed up focus!  I’m supposed to be a photographer, but let’s just say I was super exhausted from painting all those ‘This Way!’ signs the night before The THAW.  Here are some handmade rings from Quench Metalworks.  Isn’t the moss presentation cool?  She had mossy rocks, too, in her necklace and earring display and they look really great with the vintage tone to her silver work.  Yay for random craft store finds!

Beautiful Earrings from Quench Metalworks

Hope you enjoyed looking at today’s pictures!  Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some more vendors and some happy customers with their purchases in tow!

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