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by Mermaid Meadow

Beautiful Sunday!  Today we feature Melissa Bankhead of Hippie Hamper and Bevin Holmberg of Mermaid Meadow.  These two ladies are three-time Big Thaw veterans, and we just adore their work.  Hippie Hamper brings bright, patterned fabrics, colorful embroidery and all things you didn’t know were essential to your home until you saw them (re:  ruffly aprons and bird-shaped pin cushions!)  And Mermaid Meadow presents a playful world of anthropomorphic animals, seaside motifs and rustic accents for your home.

by Hippie Hamper

The Big Thaw:  How has your own mother (or mother figure) influenced your art, craft or endeavor?

Hippie Hamper:  My mother has been a huge influence to me.  Not only was she the one who taught me how to sew, hand embroider and stitch, but she has also been supportive to my goals as a crafter.  She’s my “go to” gal when I have any creative doubt, always lifting me back up!

by Mermaid Meadow

Mermaid Meadow:  In more ways than I could EVER express.  She and my dad were both extremely talented artists.  She has always encouraged and inspired me in ways no one else ever could.  My mother taught me that there are no accidents in art… just opportunities for change.

Apron selections from Hippie Hamper

The Big Thaw:  And what new products will you have available for shoppers at The Big Thaw this coming weekend?

Hippie Hamper:  Hand embroidered tea towels with a vintage feel, bird pin cushions filled with walnut shells for sharpening needles, half aprons that would make any mom smile, and felt flower pins to dress up your outfit!

Flea-For-All Display from Mermaid Meadow

Mermaid Meadow:  I painted a variety of small square tiles for The Big Chill that made good holidays gifts… for the Big Thaw I plan to make more with a lighter, spring-like theme!

We can’t wait, you two!!  The Big Thaw is happening on Saturday, May 12 from 10am to 4pm at the Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo Street.  We will see you there!


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Falling Star Farms Alpacas

What a treat!  Today our vendor spotlight features Sheila McDonough of Falling Star Farm — and her alpacas!!  We are so pleased to have a vendor whose product follows its whole life cycle in her hands.  The raising, loving, shearing of the alpacas all the way to the spinning, crafting and selling of goods.

Falling Star Farms

When we asked Sheila how her mother has influenced her craft, the message was loud and clear:  “My mother is the first weaver I knew!  She is also, for a ‘non-animal person,’ an excellent assistant if I need an extra pair of hands with the alpacas.  She is my #1 fiber picker!”

Falling Star Farm Goods

The experience and talent that run in the family certainly shows in these gorgeous garments.  We’re also looking forward to seeing the felted soaps that Falling Star Farms has recently introduced to their product line.

Falling Star Farm Felted Soap

“[The soaps are made of] soft alpaca fiber felted around scented goat’s milk glycerin soap.  It gently scrubs away even embedded gardening grime.  It has a rich later and is gentle on the skin – perfect for Spring and throughout the year,”  We think this would be the perfect, sunshiney gift for those Mothers who like to tend to the garden – bright, saltwater taffy colors are just what the doctor ordered after a long, somewhat uneventful winter season.  🙂

Falling Star Farm Alpacas

Falling Star Farm Goods

We can’t wait to meet Sheila and paw through her wares – you’ll be there, too, I’m sure:  Saturday, May 12 at Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo Street from 10am to 4pm.  It’s the day before Mother’s Day – don’t forget!

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bunny foo-foo by k.smith

Oh my GOSH.  Happy Friday, comrades.  It was a long week, but we’re ending it in a special way.  That special way is by meeting with Kate Smith of k.smith at Crema (the snazzy new coffee shop on Commercial Street, next to Rosemont’s snazzy new produce market).  This is an exclusive treat, since k.smith’s web presence is pretty much limited to this Big Thaw post.  So!  The only way you’ll be able to get your hands on these oh-so-soft bunny foo-foos, pot holders, herbal eye sachets, pillows and more is by coming to The Thaw — poor you!  😉

Sometimes it’s best to let beautiful things speak for themselves.  The light coming through the glass block windows, the warm wood tones of the tables at Crema and the upcycled stylings of Kate Smith speak for themselves — I won’t yak about it anymore, just let you see for yourself:

upcycled sweater potholders by k.smith

it's all in the details - by k.smith

individual designs - by k.smith

bunny foo-foo close-up by k.smith

herbal eye pillows by k.smith

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Jeanne Marie Coleman

Happy Tuesday, readers!  Tonight we bring you Jeanne Marie Coleman of the Maine Photo Source and The Proud Maine-iac.  It’s no secret from the name that Jeanne’s work reflects the more tangible reasons to be proud to be a Mainer.  After all, you can’t take a picture of what it looks like to survive a five month winter (although this year we did all right!) or what it sounds like to have a county accent.  Still, check out these photographs from the Maine Photo Source website that features all of Jeanne’s work:

Jeanne Marie Coleman

Jeanne Marie Coleman

Jeanne Marie Coleman

In addition to her photography talents, Jeanne has started a graphic design business with products like the packable canvas tote (seen below), novelty pillowcases, game boards and sweetly framed prints of the photographs above and many more.

Jeanne Marie Coleman

Come see Jeanne and all our other talented vendors on Saturday, May 12 from 10am to 4pm at the Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo Street!

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Lampwork Glass and Beaded Jewelry from Timblee (kitty not included!)


Lampwork Disc Necklace

Fire Agate Necklace

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We ❤ Anna Low of Purplebean Bindery!  Not only did she help us plaster Big Chill posters all over Deering, but her handmade journals and other bound beauties are just excellent gifts, and probably the most perfect place to put your important ideas and to-do lists that you don’t want to forget.  Here’s a peek!

Irish Spring Notebooks - Priceless!

Scary Face Funhouse Journal

Haiku-For-You Three Pack (closed)

Haiku-For-You Three Pack (interior!)

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Kid’s stuff from Juggling Geese Crafts!

Snuggly Monster Blanket

Cloth Napkins, For Your Style and For the Earth

Plenty of Blankets to keep little ones warm all winter!

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