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We ❤ Anna Low of Purplebean Bindery!  Not only did she help us plaster Big Chill posters all over Deering, but her handmade journals and other bound beauties are just excellent gifts, and probably the most perfect place to put your important ideas and to-do lists that you don’t want to forget.  Here’s a peek!

Irish Spring Notebooks - Priceless!

Scary Face Funhouse Journal

Haiku-For-You Three Pack (closed)

Haiku-For-You Three Pack (interior!)

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Today’s installment of photo albumhood features Anna from Purplebean Bindery and Jen from Quench Metalworks.  These two were neighbors in ‘the island’ and such a pleasure to meet and talk with!  The best thing about putting a bunch of creative people in a room together?  New relationships, collaborations, and cohorts.  Love it.

Caught them off guard!

Anna and Jennifer are two amazingly enterprising women.  They both have a clear vision for the products they want to create, execute the presentation of them flawlessly, and captivate their customers with their quality craftsmanship and warm personalities.  Not to mention that good jewelry and a journal are two things every woman needs.

Anna and her totally effective set up

Anna will probably think I’m a weirdo for posting a picture of her squinting like that – but I just had to show you her clever, lightweight set up.  All her books are displayed cleanly and cohesively and are easy to pick up and fall in love with – totally key for bringing in good craft show sales.

Purplebean Books

What to say – I just love books.  And totally psyched to see Anna has a ‘recycle bin.’  I’ve been thinking about doing the same for my bottle caps that ‘just don’t come out right.’  They’re still totally neat and usable but just not the same as the others.  A theme I’ve seen across the board in the handmade culture is a real effort to reduce waste.

Totally Edible (ok, not) Rings from Quench Metalworks

Ahh, sorry for the screwed up focus!  I’m supposed to be a photographer, but let’s just say I was super exhausted from painting all those ‘This Way!’ signs the night before The THAW.  Here are some handmade rings from Quench Metalworks.  Isn’t the moss presentation cool?  She had mossy rocks, too, in her necklace and earring display and they look really great with the vintage tone to her silver work.  Yay for random craft store finds!

Beautiful Earrings from Quench Metalworks

Hope you enjoyed looking at today’s pictures!  Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some more vendors and some happy customers with their purchases in tow!

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Good morning!  Ok.  24 more hours then The BIG THAW is on!  Yessssss.   🙂  This morning we’re talkin’ with Anna Low from Purplebean Bindery whose journals, sketchbooks and more are functional, colorful and affordable.  Check it out!

Anna Low from Purplebean Bindery

How did you start making books?

I bound my first book in kindergarden but the obsessive binding really started in college with a great book arts class. I started working my way through all of the bookbinding instructions I could find and had to give away my little book experiments to make room for more. It’s grown from there into a nice ‘job’. I love making functional art. Every book I make is different and I think of all of them as collaborations between myself and whomever the book goes home with. I like that a hand-bound blank book might inspire someone to fill it’s pages with amazing sketches or writing…or something completely banal in a colorful cover.

Funhouse Blank Journal

What kind of goodies can our customers expect to see at your table at The BIG THAW?

I’ve got all kinds of funky and colorful goodies for The BIG THAW. I’ll have my customary Buttonhole Journals – nice books for journaling, list making, note taking, general musings. I love this binding because it’s both decorative and the books lay open flat. The binding also allows for lots of decorative paper and embellishments, so the books are cheery and user friendly. This winter (it was a long winter) I’ve been a recycling fiend in the studio, so I’ll also have a nice stack of books made with reused material, including some old school flash cards that I’m in love with and manilla paper that still smells of grammar school.

A Selection of Purplebean Notebooks

What textures/colors inspire you most?

One of the reasons I keep making books is because there is so much cool paper and fabric out there. I love colorful. But I also love black and white. And cheesy kitsch. It’s hard to narrow it down. I guess I should say, the next beautiful piece of paper is the one that inspires me the most?

What’s your favorite thing about Spring in Maine?

I love winter and snow but this year I’ve been antsy, antsy for mother nature’s big thaw. I love spring in Maine because it means gardening season is ON. I’ve got my veggie seeds started inside, I prowl the yard for signs of the bulbs I planned last fall, and if I owned a hair drier I’d be using it to melt the last chunk of dirty snow under the lilac. I also love that all the windows are open because 55° feels warm.


Right on, right on!  55 DOES feel warm and hopefully we’ll feel that tomorrow, Saturday April 16th, the day of The BIG THAW Arts, Crafts and Vintage Sale.  10am-4pm at Mayo Street Arts Center, 10 Mayo St. in Portland’s East End (off Cumberland Ave between Franklin and Washington).  Look out for the signs!  Can’t wait.  🙂

Now we're talking!

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