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Today’s installment of photo albumhood features Anna from Purplebean Bindery and Jen from Quench Metalworks.  These two were neighbors in ‘the island’ and such a pleasure to meet and talk with!  The best thing about putting a bunch of creative people in a room together?  New relationships, collaborations, and cohorts.  Love it.

Caught them off guard!

Anna and Jennifer are two amazingly enterprising women.  They both have a clear vision for the products they want to create, execute the presentation of them flawlessly, and captivate their customers with their quality craftsmanship and warm personalities.  Not to mention that good jewelry and a journal are two things every woman needs.

Anna and her totally effective set up

Anna will probably think I’m a weirdo for posting a picture of her squinting like that – but I just had to show you her clever, lightweight set up.  All her books are displayed cleanly and cohesively and are easy to pick up and fall in love with – totally key for bringing in good craft show sales.

Purplebean Books

What to say – I just love books.  And totally psyched to see Anna has a ‘recycle bin.’  I’ve been thinking about doing the same for my bottle caps that ‘just don’t come out right.’  They’re still totally neat and usable but just not the same as the others.  A theme I’ve seen across the board in the handmade culture is a real effort to reduce waste.

Totally Edible (ok, not) Rings from Quench Metalworks

Ahh, sorry for the screwed up focus!  I’m supposed to be a photographer, but let’s just say I was super exhausted from painting all those ‘This Way!’ signs the night before The THAW.  Here are some handmade rings from Quench Metalworks.  Isn’t the moss presentation cool?  She had mossy rocks, too, in her necklace and earring display and they look really great with the vintage tone to her silver work.  Yay for random craft store finds!

Beautiful Earrings from Quench Metalworks

Hope you enjoyed looking at today’s pictures!  Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some more vendors and some happy customers with their purchases in tow!

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I am a bit beside myself today.  In addition to having had the honor to feature Bethany Scheidt-Coulombe of Sweet Sincerity (see previous post) I just received an excellent, interview-y email from Jen at Quench Metalworks.  A little background here:  I’ve been salivating over Jen’s work for quite some time now, from seeing the ‘candy’ line (bright, contrasty colors set in beautiful, chunky silver) in stores to her great work popping up on the front page of Etsy on a regular basis — so ‘craft crush’ doesn’t even come close to describing my feelings about Quench Metalworks.  I’m like a giddy, little schoolgirl being able to bring you the following correspondence between Jen and myself this weekend:

Sterling Boot Button Earrings by Quench Metalworks

The BIG THAW:  What products in particular will you be bulking up on for The THAW?  What Springtime crafts get your most excited?

Quench Metalworks:  I’m bringing a nice selection of boot button/sprout earrings and new pendants feature those lovely porcelain, image transfer cabochons in lovely spring hues.  I hope to have some new necklace, earring, and pendant designs to reveal as well.

Springtime crafts: I LOVE decoupaging eggs with pastel tissue paper and vintage papers.  I’ve been blowing out our hens’ eggs, so I have a huge basket ready to create into lovely Easter eggs.

Turquoise and Diamond Sterling Ring by Quench Metalworks



TBT:  When you’re not smithing or collecting vintage baubles, what do you do in your free time?
QMW:  I’m a mother to a 4 year old daughter (she’s a Leo…need I say more?), so I don’t get a lot of free time.  Free time usually means tending to our flock of hens, enjoying a cup of coffee, a trip to the farmers’ market, making bread, the occasional beach day, planning the garden, planting the garden, weeding the garden…

TBT:  Do you often sell at craft fairs?  What drew you to The BIG THAW in particular?
QMW:  I do about 5 shows a year.  The Big Thaw kicks off my 2011 show seasons for me and promises to have a great line-up of artisans.  AND it’s my first show in Portland….woo!

Collaboration Piece, by Quench Metalworks and Mary's Granddaughter

TBT:  You’ve collaborated with Cindy Steiler from marysgranddaughter on Etsy – describe your long distance collaboration experience and talk a little about the benefits of two (or more) artists putting their heads together:  challenges?  successes?
QMW:  Even though we collaborated via email, her vision mirrored my vision, so the process was seamless.  Before actually “meeting” Cindy, I could visualize her embroidery pieces incorporated into my pendants.  Little did I know, she was thinking the same thing….. Voila!  I would never collaborate with an artist if I was not 100% passionate about the project.  Collaborations should be like a dessert… work to savor after the daily grind at the bench, exciting, and indulgent.

The BIG THAW Arts, Crafts and Vintage Sale will be held on Saturday, April 16th at the Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo St. in Portland, Maine.  From 10am-4pm you can browse, shop, or totally indulge with nearly 40 vendors at the ready to fill your shopping bags.  The BIG THAW merchandise (pins, magnets and posters) will be available, as well, if you’re totally loving our graphics.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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