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Here is a peek at the beautiful work you’ll find from Lori Dennis of Lofted Designs!:

Carrot Necklace by Lofted Designs

Pet Tags by Lofted Designs

Awesome Secret Swear Ring by Lofted Designs

Stacked Vintage Button Earrings by Lofted Designs

Spiral Necklace by Lofted Designs


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One Woman Studio

As you may know, there’s a pretty special place in Little Eye’s heart for those things-that-are-made-from-other-things.  Burlap coffee sacks, feed grain bags and sails are no exception!  Today’s Vendor Spotlight is for One Woman Studio, the creation of Julia Ventresco, who has a way with a sewing machine and raw materials that can’t be rivaled.

One Woman Studio

Since The Big Thaw is happening the day before Mother’s Day, we asked Julia about how her mother has influenced her art:  “Suffice it to say I spent my childhood at my mother’s elbow watching her sew, paint, wallpaper and pretty much transform any available surface or material into a work of art – be it functional or frivolous!  As I grew older, it was I who was doing the sewing, wallpapering, painting with my mother at my side to guide and teach.”

One Woman Studio

“I can think of no greater influence in my life and creative endeavors than my mother.  In addition to the tehcnical skills and design wisdom she imparted to me, one of the greatest she taught me was “Be yourself (no matter how wacky!) and do what you love.”  I’m happy to say I am doing both.”

We’re pretty enamored with your mother, too, Julia, if she is responsible for fostering the growth of such a creative person!  Repurposed sail bags, coffee sack backpacks and totes, and feed bag totes abound.  Don’t be silly enough to miss meeting Julia and shopping the wares at One Woman Studio at The Big Thaw on Saturday, May 12 from 10am to 4pm at the Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo St.  See you there!

One Woman Studio

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Happy Friday, everyone!  Today we bring you MonkiVintage, an amazing selection of vintage Scandinavian and letterpress goodies and all kinds of great home decor.  We interviewed MonkiVintage and you can see their lovely responses below!

The Big Chill:  What’s the first sign of Winter, in your opinion?

MonkiVintage:  Snow!!  And leafless trees (and water views!)

TBC:  What items from your business will keep customers happy throughout O’, this dark and endless season?

MV:  All our items are vintage, most are one of a kind and our stock is continually changing.  Many of the items in the shop are selected for their happiness-inducing qualities!  At any given time we’ll have brightly colored Scandinavian enamelware like Cathrineholm and Finel, mid century ceramics like Bennington Potters and Glidden, or teak or brightly colored and whimsical “toys” and objets like Kay Bojesen monkeys, Hans Bolling ducks or Scandinavian style blocks.  We also carry a large inventory of vintage letterpress type that we sell in sets of cheery words and phrases like “be happy,” “you & me” or “I love you.”  We also offer custom type sets, so the winter weary can create a typographic reminder of whatever makes them happy, like the beach or sun or Bowser or wine or bacon art…

TBC:  What’s your favorite comfort food during those “Oh my Gosh, it’s 7 degrees out, I have to let the faucets drip all night and wear two pairs of socks in bed!!” days?

MV:  Gravy Danger from Silly’s in the East End.  70,000 calories of cheesy, salty, bacon-y comfort in a takeout tin.


Oh, yes!  Living down the street from Silly’s is big trouble (and pretty awesome) in the middle of the winter – we totally know what you mean!  Come see MonkiVintage’s letterpress art, vintage home wares and mid-century goodness (and stop at Silly’s for lunch afterwards!) at The Big Chill arts, crafts and vintage sale on Saturday, December 3rd from 10am to 4pm.  Mayo Street Arts Center, 10 Mayo St., Portland, Maine.  Yeah!

Yngve Tjader Horse - Gorgeous!

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