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Today you are lucky, lucky because we are featuring Madder Root, the collaboration of two Old Town women (Janyce and Christina) who have come together to make simple, rustic, functional linens with vibrant, modern and fresh colors.  Let’s take a look!

Yellow Poppies!

Madder Root gains their color inspiration from nature – with all their inks hand-mixed they are able to tweak the hues until they get exactly what they want.  When you visit their Etsy store you’ll see that although they cover every color in the rainbow, the palette works so well together and recalls kitchens of the 1950s and before with mustard yellows, bright teals and luscious reds.  Now, if you’re wondering where they got the name (I certainly was), madder roots are used as a natural dye.  With Janyce and Christina being obsessed with all-things-natural it was an easy name that stuck.  Not to mention it’s the name of Christina’s dog!

Mason Jar Love

Madder Root will be bringing a bevy of organic linen tea towels and napkins with them for your purchasing pleasure to The BIG THAW on Saturday, April 16th at Mayo Street Arts.  In addition, they will bring a selection of their discontinued recipe cards which will be available at a discounted price to BIG THAW shoppers!  Wow wow, those are perfect.  They’ll also be releasing two new designs that will be ready in time for the THAW – one featuring a crab (yes) and another that falls inline with their folk/vintage inspired collection.  New designs will become available throughout the year, as well, so always keep an eye turned towards their Etsy shop where you can view their newest wares.

Folk/Vintage Inspired

The Madder Root girls are obviously talented – but when I found out they did all their own photography I was extra impressed.  Look at those chickens and eggs up there!  Sometimes two creative, like-minded people come together to make something that is more than the sum of all its parts.  We are so excited that the two of them found each other in time for the THAW!  🙂  When I asked Christina about how the the creative partnership came together for her and Janyce, she had the following to say:

“Like all great friendships we came together over lobster and flannel. Right from the beginning, we shared a common passion for textiles, art, food, the environment and wanted to collaborate on a project that gradually evolved into Madder Root. We experimented early on with other products, but our love for all things kitchen moved us to focus on tea towels, napkins and other kitchen accessories.”

We love that, and we love them.  Come see Madder Root and MORE at The BIG THAW on Saturday, April 16th at 10 Mayo St. in Portland.  10am-4pm, rain or shine, my friends!

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Welcome to the first of a series of 39 (give or take!) spotlights on our amazing BIG THAW vendors.  Although we have a handy-dandy vendors directory for you to peruse, sometimes it’s nice to really get to know what our amazing neighbors are up to.


Kid's Tiger Shirt

Today we’re focusing on Pinecone and Chickadee, the graphic design and screen printing house of Portlanders Amy Teh and Noah Defilippis.  As a ‘seasoned’ (I get around!) craft fair seller and buyer I’ve grown accustomed to seeing one or both of their smiling faces among a forest of silk-screened tees, cards, journals and more.


Strong Man Tote

Pinecone and Chickadee’s simple, satisfying aesthetic lets adults be lighthearted and kids even more totally nuts than they are.  We highly recommend checking out the merchandise on their web page to get your wheels turning about what P+C delights you’ll be carrying home in a shopping back with you from The BIG THAW on Saturday, April 16th (ohmygosh!  It’s less than a month away!)


Picnic Poster 2010

Not only do Amy and Noah create their own masterpieces of apparel, they are a good chunk of the driving force behind PICNIC (our craft-fair-crush of the decade).  They have also recently designed a line of t-shirts featuring animals from coffee-growing regions for local caffeinators, Coffee By Design.  Mmm art and coffee, okay, I give up, you win!

Lady + Llama Women's T-Shirt


Ladies, you’ll also be pleased to know Pinecone and Chickadee carry a line of women’s shirts that are more flattering than your average silk-screened T.  I personally am saving a bit of my 2011 tax refund for the Lady + Llama T-Shirt or a Crying Tiger.  I can’t decide which!

And no outsourcing here:  all of Pinecone and Chickadee’s wares are designed, silk screened and hand printed by Amy and Noah.

Stop by The BIG THAW Arts, Crafts and Vintage Sale on Saturday, April 16th at Mayo Street Arts Center in Portland’s East Bayside to pick up some P+C wares for yourself!

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