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If ever there was a THAW day, it’s today!  Love the birdies singing and tolerating the ice cream trucks turkey-in-the-straw-ing all over the neighborhood.

Today we bring you the lovely Sweet Sincerity jewelry!

Sweet Sincerity jewelry designs has been humorously and enthusiastically recording her (Bethany’s!) process as a new seller to Etsy via her Blogspot blog.  She also tracks gaining new skills in jewelry classes and anecdotes, in general, that make you feel like you know her even though she’s stationed alllll the way up in Bangor.  Her budding silver smithing skills, advanced beading techniques and enthusiasm are what make us so sure she’s a perfect fit for The THAW!


Precious Bouquet Pendant


Celebrate Spring with this charming trio!

Recently, Sweet Sincerity has made the addition of one beautiful sister who first started modeling for Bethany and soon started making jewelry, too!  We love when families craft together, so these girls will fit right in among Threads of Hope, Flat Out Tees, Glorijane, My Little Anchor, Merchants Row and MORE at The THAW.

In addition to beaded assemblages, Sweet Sincerity also has gorgeous little jewelry boxes perfect for putting a special gift for someone in.  Here’s a floral number that would be perfect with the necklace we posted above:


Purple Primrose Jewelry Box by Sweet Sincerity

So if you have a little Sunday afternoon time, we highly recommend you take a look at Bethany’s Etsy shop to get the gears turning about what you must must must have at The THAW.  And!  When you’re done with that and up for a laugh, read the Sweet Sincerity blog, a chronicle of Bethany’s jewelry, life, successes and mishaps all with her incredible sense of humor.

Please make 50,000 of these, Sweet Sincerity, because I will buy them all!

The BIG THAW Arts, Crafts and Vintage Sale happens in LESS than two weeks at the Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo Street in Portland, Maine.  10am-4pm you will have 40 talented people just dying to fill your shopping bag with goodies!  We’ll see you there.  🙂

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