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$9.99 Travel Pack from eden. -- Awesome value!

Tonight we introduce to you the miracle that is eden.  Eden. provides gentle, natural and pure body products for men and women with plenty of unscented options for those who don’t want any fragrance, but would like soft, supple skin in the dead of winter.  Having used the lotions and lip balms myself, I have to say they definitely don’t leave a residue.  Here are a few products from eden. that would make great stocking stuffers or you could throw a few in a gift bag for a real treat!

Café Latte Lip Balm, $3.50 from eden.

The lip balm is delicious – we have ours in rosemary mint and it’s damned near impossible to keep from eating it right off the stick.  Ok, actually it’s not impossible, but the flavor’s good enough that I’d totally let people think that’s what I do in the privacy of my own home.

Unisex Shaving Bar, $4.99 from eden.

Do you know what the grossest smell in the world is?  It’s the smell of Barbasol, or anything remotely like it.  It’s a step down from “axe” in my book.  So!  Make sure to throw one of these in your favorite arm candy’s stocking (be they a he or a she) to make sure your face smells like a face and your legs smell like legs!

Cedarwood Sage Lotion, $11.99 from eden.

Cedarwood Sage lotion is the ‘table lotion’ we have on our shared workspace at work.  It’s hard to keep it in stock, sometimes people put it on their hands when they’re not even dry, just to get the smell on them.  Light, airy, but still seasonal, woodsy and rustic this is definitely a favorite.

Come visit Elise from eden. and all the rest of us at The Big Chill Holiday arts, crafts and vintage sale at 10 Mayo Street in Portland!  Saturday, December 3rd from 10am-4pm.  Yes!


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