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Good morning, Maine!  Vendors for The Big Thaw ’12 have been selected and notified, and now’s the time to mobilize all my notes, websites, photographs and features so we can bring you weeks and weeks of visual delights from the cast + crew.  First thingies first:


The Big Thaw poster '11

Meagan and Kris are busy at work putting together the poster for the event, you may have seen their work hanging around Portland in the past, or just seen the perfection that is the limited edition screen printed event poster.  Practical?  No.  Completely worth it?  Yes.  Each event, we have printed 100 limited edition, large-ish attention-getting posters to be hung in local businesses and organizations in the Greater Portland area.  The Thaw is about quality, handmade or vintage, aesthetically sound goods and what better way to show this by using our poster as art?


Big Thaw vendors will be posted ASAP for those of you curious about what to expect on May 12.  How appropriate that the event being the day before Mother’s Day we’ve had an absolute avalanche of applications from people who make goods for wee ones as well as vendors who make women’s clothing.  The selection of the work is vast, and there will definitely be something for everyone.  Keep peeking back for that tab at the top that says “Vendors.”


 How exciting that Spring is almost here, we’re about to push the clocks forward and it will be light out ’til 7pm (!!!), and The Big Thaw is on its way!  Be back soon, guys, with eye candy and goodies galore!

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