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Good morning, everyone!  A quick note, too, we were featured on Handmadeology today!  Yes!!

Gorgeous artwork by Meagan Anderson and Kris Johnsen.

Just a reminder that there is a limited amount of The BIG THAW posters available for sale before the event.  Day of they will be $10 but you can swoop them up for $8 now!  We’re trying to raise money to get some ‘paid advertising’ to supplement our grass roots, word of mouth, Facebook-y type marketing.

Here is the link for Portland locals who would like to pick up.

Here is the link for anyone else who wants it shipped.


We really appreciate your support for our little craft fair!

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Well, well, well — what a beautiful day in Portland, Maine!  At the end of a long week there was no better way to wind down by meeting up with Elise Loschiavo of eden. to go over her pure, natural, light, delicious products for her vendor spotlight feature.

Sunset lip balms, pretty!

Eden lip balms are nearly weightless, Elise had brought Lavender Mint and Grapefruit Vanilla for my sniffer.  Oh man!  Delicious and mild.  So, I was partial to the lavender mint seeing as today is the first day a fashionable lady could walk around town in a skirt with no tights – it’s got a spring-y, herb-y scent without throwing too many flavors at your kisser.  The grapefruit vanilla is great for people who are partial to fruitier flavors, and mid-summer it’s something to pack in the beach bag to prevent chapping in the salty wind of our rugged, Maine beaches.  An added bonus? Eden balms are made with shea butter, cocoa butter and apricot kernal oil to moisturize.  Jojoba oil, too, is infused with calendula which is that awesome herb in baby lotions.  If it’s good enough for babies it’s ok on my lips!

Practical note I learned later:  the packaging for all of Elise’s products is simple and easy to find in a huge, jumble-y purse (note:  mine.) not to mention the unique shape of the lip balm tubes, an oblong circle, more complimentary to one’s natural lip shape and easy to find with searching fingers.

Citrus Harmony Body Lotion

On to the lotions/creams!  Elise has been working on a ‘travel size’ lotion, a great product for craft fairs while shoppers are trying to budget so they can get a little bit of something from everyone.  The price point is less than half of the larger, 6 oz. size and is great to throw in a clutch, keep at your desk at work or give as a little gift to friends.  Doesn’t Citrus Harmony just sound totally perfect for the coming warm weather?  Of course get the larger size if it’s going to be your home stash – a little goes a long way but don’t you want to smell edible all the time?

Bath Salts

Lavender Bergamot Bath Salts

With a wide variety of products like bath salts, lotions, lip balms and more you’ll undoubtedly find something you love at the Eden. table at The BIG THAW.  Everything Elise creates is made lovingly in small, controlled batches so no detail is missed.  I’m so in love with the following quote from a VERY satisfied Eden. customer – an excellent note to end on!  P.S.  — if you have any flavors in mind that you don’t see in Elise’s shop don’t hesitate to get in touch and see if it’s something she can make and have ready for you the day of the fair!  After 45 minutes of chatting I’ve learned very quickly she’s an enthusiastic, adventurous, open-minded lady.  Loves to try new things!

Shea Butter Hand Cream

Shea Butter Hand Cream

“I have to tell you how great the shea butter hand cream is. I have had an unusually difficult winter with splits in both thumbs and my right hand pointer finger. As a seamstress, you can imagine how painful it is to work. I went to the dermatologist who said to use liquid Band-aid in the cracks, Neosporin and gloves at night, and another type of hand cream often during the day. I was having only moderate success, the splits would heal for a day or two, but when I banged my thumb on something or would sew for several hours …the split would come back. It was more than a quarter of an inch long on my right thumb and I feared it would keep going. Occasionally, it would bleed if I hit is just right. In just two days of using your hand cream product, my splits have healed and new skin is growing in and over the splits. The hand cream is truly amazing and it feels wonderful when applied. I keep the container by my bed, but I need to order more to have in my kitchen and purse!!”

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