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Blood & Whiskey

So, so happy that Blood & Whiskey Studio is joining us for The Big Chill this year!  Blood & Whiskey is based on Peaks Island, and screen printed stripes, diamonds, circus freaks and Maine woods themes abound.  Take a look!

Maine Woods: Stand Tall

Black Stripes

Come meet the mastermind, Alfred Wood, while shopping at The Big Chill on Sunday, December 2nd at Mayo Street Arts, 10 Mayo Street, Portland, Maine.  10am to 4pm.  Don’t miss!

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Big Red Lucite Hoops by Leetie Lovendale

Get ready for some colors to pop!  Tonight we bring you some selections from the jewelry trunks at Leetie Lovendale.  These lucite baubles are the best addition to your vintage (inspired) wardrobe or a splash of color to pair with something classic.

Flames Bauble Necklace by Leetie Lovendale

If the work looks familiar to you, it’s because Heather DeSimone is at the head of this vintage beading machine.  On any given day you might find her tending shop at The Beadin’ Path in Freeport.  Surrounded by so many candy-colored beauties it’s no wonder her jewelry really sings.

Fruit Mix Earring Set by Leetie Lovendale

Isn’t it nice how most of these would fit perfectly in a stocking?  We think so, too.  To get some stuffers of your own, visit Leetie and all our other fantastic vendors at The Big Chill holiday sale:  Sunday, December 2nd from 10am to 4pm at Mayo Street Arts, 10 Mayo Street, Portland.

Peach Cobbler Fringe Necklace by Leetie Lovendale

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Stuffed Owls by Lillianka

Today’s Vendor Spotlight features Lillianka, with creator Lillian Harris at the helm.  If you’re interested in ordering Lillianka items you can visit her Etsy shop or view her wares at The Merchant Company on Congress St. downtown.  But if you’re patient we’re sure she’ll be bringing the cream of the crop to share at The Big Chill on Sunday, December 2nd!

Red Wool Button Tote by Lillianka

While Lillian is a tinkerer in all things creative and crafty, she finds her place at home most easily sitting at the sewing machine stitching together functional, stylish art.

Scented Sachet by Lillianka

Looking for a sweet, special gift for the holidays?  Our money’s on the scented sachets you see above.  Perched in the guest room, tossed in the sweater drawer or anywhere else the scented sachet adds that warm, spicy scent for the season.

The Big Chill holiday arts, crafts and vintage sale is on Sunday, December 2nd from 10am to 4pm.  10 Mayo Street, Mayo Street Arts, Portland, Maine!

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Naturalistic jewelry from Beadlebot – gorgeous color palette to brighten up the winter months!

Pinecone Earrings by Beadlebot

Fire Agate and Glass Necklace by Beadlebot

Honey and Lavender Agate Necklace

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the famous drumming squirrel - get yours!

And now, for a one-woman craftopolis that needs no introduction, Diane Toepfer of Ferdinand!  Letterpress cards, vintage goodies, pins, earrings, shoes, aprons, dresses, sunglasses, plushies, screen printed tees, blah dee blah – you name it, she’s got it in her brick-n-mortar shop at  243 Congress St. in Portland.  You can also find her on Etsy, too, if it’s too cold to go outside this winter.  However you slice it, though, you’ll find something you’ll like.


Here are some things we found that we like:


Roller Derby Rock n Roll!

it's true, you are.


HEY!  The Big Chill is tomorrow!  See you at 10am at 10 Mayo Street, at the Mayo Street Arts Center.  Did you know you can drink a beer while you shop for goodies?  It’s true.

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Mustache Wallet!

Good morrrrning, Portland!  Meet the day with Malaika Picard of Hand Me Down Designs.  Stationed in her very own dining room/studio, Malaika has been churning out repurposed wallets, crochet hook cases, pencil cases, check purses, hand bags, shoulder bags and more in anticipation for The Big Chill.

Tote Bag made from recycled jeans!

As the proud owner of a Hand Me Down Designs check wallet, I can say the quality and craftsmanship on these upcycled pieces can be rivaled by none other.  And to own a piece that is completely unique and pieced together by an artist?  Practically priceless.  🙂

Heat Resistant Potholders: Nom nom nom!

Hand Me Down Designs is also the produced of the trademarked line of “NomMon” kitchen accessories including, but not limited to:  pot holders, jar lid openers, aprons and eco-friendly lunch totes.  A perfect gift for your internet-meme fiend friend.

Hand Bag from Recycled Materials by Hand Me Down Designs

Find the piece that is truly right for you at Hand Me Down Designs‘ table at The Big Chill on Saturday, December 3rd.  10am to 4pm at Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo St.  You know you won’t miss it!

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Yum Handprinted Labels 4-Eva

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle!  Only three more days ’til The Big Chill.  Aren’t you excited?  I am!  And even more excited after meeting Jason Mowery of Legacy Arts yesterday when he so nicely volunteered to cover Portland in our limited edition, screen-printed posters (that are also for sale here, and at Mayo Street on Saturday!)  Legacy Arts brings you handmade pottery, bandanas, and monk’s cloth scarves that aren’t like anything you’ve seen before.

Winter Warmth in Style

If you’re not convinced by the awesomeness of these pictures, we suggest you get to know Legacy Arts by Jason’s gastronomic preferences.  Our absolute favorite response to our application question “What is your favorite comfort food?” came from Legacy Arts.  “Jim Beam straight and my sister-in-law’s butterscotch cookies.”  Um… hell, yes!

Come see Legacy Arts + friends at The Big Chill Holiday Sale on Saturday, December 3rd from 10am to 4pm at Mayo Street Arts!  10 Mayo St., Portland.  Yep.

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