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Yay!!  Posters are here!  Actually, they’ve been here for some time, but I’m finally just able to get off my lazy end and take a picture or two.  Kris Johnsen and Meagan Anderson (who will be setting up their wares at The Thaw on May 12!) spent some quality time making yet another work of art for us to share our event with the world.

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The posters are for sale in the Etsy shop, and you can send me a message if you’d like a listing created with no shipping fee and you can just pick it up at the sale.   Purchasing these posters at $10-a-pop (what a deal!) really helps to support the time and effort that goes in to the creation of our Big Thaw event.  If you need any more incentive, just know that they are gorgeous, three-color screen prints on a Spring-y green french paper as the background —  Kris and Meagan also used a ‘split fountain’ on the sky, which is why you get such a nice gradation in the blue sky.

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Some people have asked why we’re so crazy to spend time and money on a limited edition, hand printed event poster when just a flyer would do.  The answer?  We really care about quality work, and we also really care about artists working in our community.  Even though we only have 100 posters to sell and post around town each one of those packs a real punch.  This time it’s a deer, squirrel and birdy punch.  Pow!

The Big Thaw arts, crafts and vintage sale will take place on Saturday, May 12 at Mayo Street Arts Center at 10 Mayo Street in Portland, ME from 10am to 4pm.  We hope to see you there!

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Good morning, Maine!  Vendors for The Big Thaw ’12 have been selected and notified, and now’s the time to mobilize all my notes, websites, photographs and features so we can bring you weeks and weeks of visual delights from the cast + crew.  First thingies first:


The Big Thaw poster '11

Meagan and Kris are busy at work putting together the poster for the event, you may have seen their work hanging around Portland in the past, or just seen the perfection that is the limited edition screen printed event poster.  Practical?  No.  Completely worth it?  Yes.  Each event, we have printed 100 limited edition, large-ish attention-getting posters to be hung in local businesses and organizations in the Greater Portland area.  The Thaw is about quality, handmade or vintage, aesthetically sound goods and what better way to show this by using our poster as art?


Big Thaw vendors will be posted ASAP for those of you curious about what to expect on May 12.  How appropriate that the event being the day before Mother’s Day we’ve had an absolute avalanche of applications from people who make goods for wee ones as well as vendors who make women’s clothing.  The selection of the work is vast, and there will definitely be something for everyone.  Keep peeking back for that tab at the top that says “Vendors.”


 How exciting that Spring is almost here, we’re about to push the clocks forward and it will be light out ’til 7pm (!!!), and The Big Thaw is on its way!  Be back soon, guys, with eye candy and goodies galore!

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I’m beside myself!  The December 2011 Big Chill Poster is just gorgeous!  Each one in the edition of 100 (all signed by Meagan Anderson and Kris Johnsen) is a little different, with layers and layers of colors.  Watch that video up there and see just how committed to handmade quality this whole song and dance is.  Also you get to hear The Screaming Females as the soundtrack and now you know just how great they are.  We’re hoping they don’t get stolen from the shops, boutiques and community centers we are putting them up in before the 3rd!  But if they were, we’d totally understand, cause these posters are frame-worthy.

If you’d like to purchase your print the legitimate way (and not taking it from the bathroom at The Blue Spoon, for example) then click on this link here if you’re in Portland (no shipping charge, just local pick up) or here if you’re from away and don’t mind paying the shipping charge.  Each poster is $10 – what a deal – and will be available through the holiday season!

Before ogling our photos below, check out this slideshow of the printing process (featuring the artists holding the prints!)

And now, without further ado, some lovely details for you:

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Capone and Mountain Dew

Well, you just learned all about Meagan Anderson (half of our awesome-poster-making-team) so why not bring the goods on Kris Johnsen of Emblem Studio (the other half!) for a bit of internetty distraction?  I asked Kris a few questions about his work, the fair and more:

Emblem Studio

The BIG THAW:  What new/favorite products/designs will you be sharing at the fair?

Kris Johnsen (of Emblem Studio):  As always I will have recent gig poster from music events around portland and a few National acts. I will also have more art prints available, some of which as on my blog Emblem Studio and some I have yet to show with the world. I’m excited about a few drawings i have been working on that are going to be turning into art prints and will hopefully be done in time for the fair. I will also soon be working away from screen printing and trying to do more wood block and linoleum block prints. I have also been working hard on new ways to display my prints since it’s always hard to put everything on display when trying to work with such a small area. I might include some Portland Pins stuff also.

Emblem Studio print in downtown Portland

TBT:  You get a bulk of your work from events and musicians – describe the process of collaborating with people who are not necessarily visual artists in giving something you know they’ll like.  What are some of your favorite posters you’ve done for an event?

KJ:    I do get most of my work from musicians. This happened because when I started to work for Space Gallery I saw a lack in good flyers at the time I started and this was simply because everyone else has such important jobs and are very busy that I felt that I couold help improve Space in this little way and it would/will hopefully get more people to these events that might not find out about them. I also started to book a few shows on my own so I would make screen printed posters for these and just try and cover Portland with them.

So naturally some bands caught on that people actually notice these poster’s and some started to hire me for show posters or art prints. I’ve been continuing to do this as well as make flyers for Space events, but also try and get others to contribute and get their artwork out there.

The best and most fun posters are the ones where clients let me do what I want and dont have much of an input to the poster other than us sitting down initially and talking about a few ideas and more of a feel we want to go with. My favorite posters I’ve done are ones where I had complete control over, those ones I always feel like come out the best also. I also like to stick to projects I support also, this helps myself have a connection to the project, this does not necessarily help come up with ideas but makes me feel better about what I’m putting out in the world and if someone asked me about the show or event I would feel strongly about it.

My favorite recent print is one I did for The last Night On Earth event in Portland. The whole job was nothing but fun, and only worked with friends and people I have done jobs for before. I actually did the job for free because I supported the event so much. I of course sold them at the show to make up for that. It was more about supporting the bands in the show and creating something cool. Hanging out at shows and selling prints is one of the most fun things also!

Last Night on Earth Poster


TBT:  You’re new (like me!) to the craft fair circuit… do you have any advice for people who are considering selling at a craft fair but aren’t sure how to start?

KJ:   I’m still pretty new to the whole selling your work thing. I really really enjoy being a part of Arts & Crafts fairs, my work fits in really well but also stands out I feel. It’s also so great to hang out with so many other creative people.

From doing craft fairs I’ve learned that your set up is so important.  Making it easy for people to view your artwork and not have it hidden. Also if you hang things in back of you they most likely wont even see it. It’s all about the table! With me all of my items are large and flat so that makes it hard to display all of them at the same time. This time around I have collected old wooden boxes to put prints in so people can flip through them, I hope it works out!

For people who are nervous about selling work at a fair I would encourage them to just sign up for a local fair ahead of time and just do it. If you give yourself a deadline then you will produce work! Or you could share a table with your artsy friends to just hang out with for the day. I’ll be hanging out with Meagan Anderson at our shared table this year.


Emblem Studio


Some great advice and some great work to look forward to from Emblem Studio.  The BIG THAW Arts, Crafts and Vintage sale will be held on Saturday, April 16th at the Mayo Street Arts Center (10 Mayo St., Portland, just down the street from the big church on Franklin arterial) from 10am to 4pm.  We are so looking forward to seeing you there!

Emblem Studio


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Today you are lucky, lucky because we are featuring Madder Root, the collaboration of two Old Town women (Janyce and Christina) who have come together to make simple, rustic, functional linens with vibrant, modern and fresh colors.  Let’s take a look!

Yellow Poppies!

Madder Root gains their color inspiration from nature – with all their inks hand-mixed they are able to tweak the hues until they get exactly what they want.  When you visit their Etsy store you’ll see that although they cover every color in the rainbow, the palette works so well together and recalls kitchens of the 1950s and before with mustard yellows, bright teals and luscious reds.  Now, if you’re wondering where they got the name (I certainly was), madder roots are used as a natural dye.  With Janyce and Christina being obsessed with all-things-natural it was an easy name that stuck.  Not to mention it’s the name of Christina’s dog!

Mason Jar Love

Madder Root will be bringing a bevy of organic linen tea towels and napkins with them for your purchasing pleasure to The BIG THAW on Saturday, April 16th at Mayo Street Arts.  In addition, they will bring a selection of their discontinued recipe cards which will be available at a discounted price to BIG THAW shoppers!  Wow wow, those are perfect.  They’ll also be releasing two new designs that will be ready in time for the THAW – one featuring a crab (yes) and another that falls inline with their folk/vintage inspired collection.  New designs will become available throughout the year, as well, so always keep an eye turned towards their Etsy shop where you can view their newest wares.

Folk/Vintage Inspired

The Madder Root girls are obviously talented – but when I found out they did all their own photography I was extra impressed.  Look at those chickens and eggs up there!  Sometimes two creative, like-minded people come together to make something that is more than the sum of all its parts.  We are so excited that the two of them found each other in time for the THAW!  🙂  When I asked Christina about how the the creative partnership came together for her and Janyce, she had the following to say:

“Like all great friendships we came together over lobster and flannel. Right from the beginning, we shared a common passion for textiles, art, food, the environment and wanted to collaborate on a project that gradually evolved into Madder Root. We experimented early on with other products, but our love for all things kitchen moved us to focus on tea towels, napkins and other kitchen accessories.”

We love that, and we love them.  Come see Madder Root and MORE at The BIG THAW on Saturday, April 16th at 10 Mayo St. in Portland.  10am-4pm, rain or shine, my friends!

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Greetings from The BIG THAW and hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!  Some highlights in our corner of the universe included waking up to snow on Saturday morning (what the?!), a rousing show from Dirty Rogers, Huak and the Heebeejeebies at Geno’s on Saturday night and a rather impulsive and indulgent shopping spree at Fotoshops (closing…boo…), Material Objects and Bliss (big sale!) with some very nice ladies.

Best Buddies T-Shirt

Speaking of nice ladies, today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the fine stylings of Bethany Hayes-Chute.  When The BIG THAW caught wind of her Etsy shop we were charmed to bits by the screen printed homage to all things Maine, plaid, and her lighthearted ‘creatures’ that play in geometric space on her t-shirts and onesies.

Maine Tee. Plus that Guy is holding a Chicken.

To follow the handmade code is one thing – but to really embrace it is another.  Not only are Bethany’s ‘creatures’ a cast of characters that have followed her from childhood, but she shares them with the world via a hand made silk screen press.  Mmm and who doesn’t love unique silk screened Tees for a Maine summer?  And look at these colors!

Dance Party Onesie. Your kids can look awesome, too!

And as if making cool t-shirts and onesies wasn’t enough Bethany makes gorgeous, simple, yet substaintial necklaces to boot.  The BIG THAW and Bethany are a match made in heaven — both artist and organization placing a huge emphasis on quality over quantity.  Bethany describes her jewelry work in her Etsy shop as such:

All of the pieces I create are original, one of a kind designs. I have extremely high standards for quality of materials, workmanship and technique. I use only Sterling Silver or Fine Silver findings and materials, never base metal, surgical steel or silver plated. In instances of gold findings and materials, I use either 14K Gold-Fill or 22k Gold Vermeil.

Yes, Bethany, yes!

Palmwood and Copper Necklace

Visit her Etsy shop here to start your shopping list for The BIG THAW on Saturday, April 16th at the Mayo Street Arts Center, 10 Mayo St, 10am-4pm.  See you there!

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